Program Options

Hybrid Parent Partnership Program

Two full days in-person a week, enrichment classes included (art/music/PE), history, science, writing, and grammar taught at school. Reading, math, bible time, and foreign language are done at home with guidance. A report card is given for your formal records, parents may drop students off and leave. For your three at-home days, there will be video lessons for more difficult subjects, a curriculum list for easy purchasing, weekly lesson plans, and a monthly in-person or online parent-teacher check-in.

Kardia at Home

For Kardia at Home, there will be video lessons for more difficult subjects, weekly lesson plans for four days of learning, curriculum lists for easy purchasing, monthly online parent-teacher check-in, and more! This program does not have an in-person component and can even be done out of state!

Tuesday Camp Option

This class will be held on Tuesdays and there are two session options. The morning session is focused on grades Kindergarten through third grade, emphasizing phonics and math. Students will get extra instruction in these areas and focus on areas that need improvement. The afternoon session will have a different overall theme each quarter and will include all kinds of STEAM activities. Please check out our “Tuesday Camp” page for more information and how to sign up! Uniforms are not required on Tuesday Camp days.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the program options that we are offering this year!